G-Medical - Medical Smartphone Jacket The only solution on the market that offers comprehensive health profiling and monitoring, this unique solution enables both healthcare providers and individuals to monitor, manage and share a wide range...
FortressGB - Access control With more than 10 years of experience and over 120 stadium and venue installations around the world, Fortress's robust access control solution provides fast and secure access to millions of Fans.
EarlySense The EarlySense All-in-One System continuously monitors Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Motion.
Sensics Goggles for Public VR VR goggles for public VR - amusement parks, museum exhibits, VR multiplayer rooms - have different requirements than goggles for home use.
Genie-s A breakthrough patent pending refill technology! It is a finger-sized carry-on refill perfume container, which easily attaches itself to the spray mechanism of any perfume bottle and with a soft repeatable presses fills itself.
PrimeSense The PrimeSensor is a low-cost, plug and play, USB-powered device that can either sit on top or next to a television screen or a monitor, or be integrated into them.