G-Medical - Medical Smartphone Jacket

The only solution on the market that offers comprehensive health profiling and monitoring, this unique solution enables both healthcare providers and individuals to monitor, manage and share a wide range of vital signs and biometric indicators.


  • Only comprehensive solution on the market that monitors a full range of vital signs and biometric parameters
  • Improves productivity and efficiency to improve health outcomes
  • Makes the user more self-sufficient and not entirely dependent on the healthcare provider’s response
  • Saves resources and costs


  • Monitors a wide range of vital signs and biometrics in a single device
  • Continuously collects, consolidates and analyses medical data to detect trends over time
  • Powered by an independent battery that only becomes active when needed
  • Sends configurable, automatic alerts, notifications and reminders
  • Enables patients to instantly share data with predefined third parties
  • Stores data in the cloud (subject to privacy policies)
  • Linked to a smartphone application available for download from the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™