T-Platforms P-Class desk side HPC

T-Mini P (P-Class) is an all-in-one HPC and integrated workstation system, bringing computational and visualization power to professional individuals and workgroups.

The T-Mini P is a tool that accelerates research and development without permanent reliance on larger parallel cluster resources, which normally require pre-booking. The T-Mini P can also intensify workgroup collaboration via effective utilization of the system around the clock and enables over-the-distance access for power users in the field. A Windows-based environment option should help users who are new to high performance computing to shorten their learning curve.

Deployed next to the desk, it can also be moved away to a server room. The system's high level of integration features every hardware component needed to provide a stand-alone compute resource, available on demand. Its versatile configurations let customers choose the necessary levels of performance and functionality, taking into account their budget, application needs, available electrical power, noise profile and deployment method.