The Team and Partners

The global team of expert Quattro-D designers, strategists, researchers and engineers delivers creative business and design solutions. The firm’s strengths - its collaborative working environment, flat organization, vibrant atmosphere and accomplished leadership team - mean that solutions engage clients and produce innovative results.

  • Ronen Savitch Founder and Director

    Ronen established Quattro-D with a mission to introduce meta-culture into product design for clients worldwide – to transcend current boundaries for breakthrough solutions across nearly every major product segment, from furniture, to appliances to technology.

    Ronen is a natural inventor, an award-winning designer and consultant who holds over 15 patents and serves as a trusted advisor to an array of tech start-ups. He has years of international experience in product strategy, design innovation and consulting.

    Ronen is the founder of QUANTEAM, which helps start-ups best navigate their way to a successful product and determine the right channels to market.

  • ELPD Smart Tech Ltd. Engineering Services

    Quattro-D Partner since 2007.

  • Oded Kertes Senior Industrial Designer

    Quattro-D Project Director since 2007.

  • Alon Green Senior Industrial Designer

    Quattro-D Project Director since 2007.

  • Michael McDevitt Visual Communications Director

    Award-winning Creative and Managing Director at GooderCompanies.

    Yes, we've won the awards, we've worked with the big boys and some of their younger, better-looking friends.
  • Mordi Franco Visual Communications Director

    Packaging design, branding and printed materials, creating an experience that enhances and improves visual language.
    Director of the Mordi Franco Visual Communications Studio.

    I see design as a visual and cultural language that contributes to society and becomes a means to achieve goals and interests. Simplicity, innovation, and differentiation are the principles that guide me when I design or develop visual tools such as logos, packages, signs or websites.
  • Kobi Shiber Print and Packaging Production Manager

    Production Partner since 2007.
    Zisman Shiber Print and Packaging Production Services.
    China-based partnership since 2015.

  • Liran Erez Crowdfunding Partner

    Crowdsourcing strategy, planning and implementation.
    Co-Founder and Creative Manager at Sparqly.

    We lead your product to the forefront of the industry by generating prime visual content and promising sales online, supported by a distinguished marketing strategy and broad technical solutions, at attractive prices with a personal touch.
  • Danny Moscovitz Director of Software Services

    Web and mobile software development and support.
    Head of Ignite Outsourcing’s Israel Office.

  • Ronen Pinco Video/Media Director

    Corporate video, animated film, product video, in-house movie and presentation development.
    CEO/Owner of OronPro.

  • Eric Zang Chief Office Manager and Production Engineering Director, China

    Production strategy, manufacturing management and subcontractor relations.

  • Tal Zuri, CPA Chief Financial Officer

    Financial management, project financial planning, project fundraising and business development.

  • Sharon Farber Marketing Content Developer

    Communication strategy, messaging and copywriting.
    Director of "Correct Me If I’m Wrong".

  • Lionways Web design and programming